The photos I posted are the ones i took on february 16. I was front row center, it was awesome! There were some really annoying over excited screaming girls on the right, very weird… (this isn’t some pop band :S). I have a few more but those are my favorite. Alex was moving too much for my camera. It was a really great show and I’m glad they played more songs than the last time I saw them. The setlist was similar but they added Astronaut, Master of None and the new song (I still wish they played more songs from the self titled). I filmed a bit of the new song (my camera stopped at 3 minutes I don’t know why), the end of Used to Be and the first half of Heart of Chambers. I don’t know if I should post the videos, the quality is bad because I forgot to change it from low res to high res, but the sound is fine. I’m still upset I didn’t get to see them in San Francisco last night, and no one asked for my ticket even as I was giving it away for free…
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